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Coordinator and Proud

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29 November
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web designer/business analyst. BA. MA.

my full Buddhist name is Unmei Sansei Hoshi which means
'blessed destiny dharma holder'

I have gone through formal ordination in the
Mahayahna Soto Zen Buddhist tradition

half-japanese and scottish/native american (da-bu-ru) that means I am a hapa (hafu), a nancy, and a buddhist monk, now doesn't it... FR*CK!

We watch, Angels treading upon the Gaia, to protect over those who sleep. Manifest in the outside world, external from the Garden, forever vigilant

big flaming nancy

Vegetarian (sometimes vegan), meditating, sutra reciting, vow-following bhikku (yes, and that means ALL THE VOWS! even that one)

used to be a dancer. used to be anorexic. used to play piano. used to be a model. used to be a club kid. used to be goth. still wear all black. ADHD. DID. esoteric buddhism. shinto. zazen. transforming myself. to become, to know, to be! can you see my wings? -voila qui nous sommes.

original projects
all works, images, likenesses and environments (c)nishini. except saiyuki fanart. original characters from saiyuki (c)kazuya minekura

GRYDSCAEN original work is published

nishini-art ** original manga:grydscaen ** costume designs ** my poetry

grydscaen website, an original novel

By the way "I AM SANZO!" so dont piss me off.


The 31st of China - smoking, drinking irreverant buddhist priest
(c)saiyuki-kazuya minekura

sanzo is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Zen is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Avaloketishavara is Compassion
brought to you by the isLove Generator

home of the Sanzo-Wee, the mini Zen Buddhist Monk dharma teacher