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Happy Wednesday

So I have been having computer problems. My OS is too old and I cant upgrade it and nothing works on it except what is already installed so I cant upgrade anything. Sucks much. I do however have a netbook as well that allows me to get onto the internet and not have to deal with dial-up (so slow) like on this computer but that computer is just for surfing.

I have to do an illustration for my friend of ninja monkeys. I currently dont have much of an idea to go on so I will have to think on that some more.

Got my plane tickets to LA and ready to go. Now I just have to wait.

Work is going fine and I am chugging along hopefully will get a promotion but we will have to wait and see. Like my job, no suck-i-tude like my last job - totally better.

Enough for now, later
Ain Soph