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Just Checking In

Writing books, animating characters, doing cover art and making book trailers all for the grydscaen series. Making fun.
Ain Soph

on past relationships

I have had relationships in the past, nothing recently. Every relationship i get into just seems to fall apart and become abusive. I don't know how to find a stable, educated person who will not end up being a dick or mean. I mean i am not looking for a relationship. But if i were, i would not know where to start looking. I think i should just give up and call it a day. I dont need a relationship like some people do. I guess i will never understand that.
Ain Soph

hello again

It has been like forever since I posted anything, so I thought I would start posting again on a regular basis. Nothing much going on here. Went to a con last weekend and wore my sanzo costume. Have 2 weeks left in this semester. Finished my final layout project and ready to start studying for my final exam. Will leave it at that
Ain Soph


So on May 26 I went to a Comicon and wore my Kadaj costume and people took pictures of me. I didn't think anyone would really know what character I was wearing from Final Fantasy: Advent Children but I guess they did. I spent the rest of the weekend making a Ciel Phantomhive costume. I have not been to a con in like 5 years so it was nice to go with some friends. I will probably go back next year.

Ready to go to LA to pitch my book. Proofread the next book I will publish in August called grydscaen:utopia.

Want to cut my hair since it is getting long but having a dilemna about whether I should cut it short. It is below my shoulders now. I just went through dying it again. It was blonde back in January when I did my commercial for the book. Then I dyed it red. Now it is black again - I know boring.

Work is going fine. I'll have a lot more to write about soon when we talk about the new book. For now just lounging around and not doing anything.

Just finished up making a blue Ciel Phanotmhive costume, and then just bought a green one since it;ll look better than the one I made. I wanted it so I bought it - I wanted to buy it like a year ago but I held off since my mother said it was a waste of money. Screw her, it is my money I can buy a costume if I want - I am not 5 years old, I can do what I want with my money.

Enough of me, later
Ain Soph

Happy Wednesday

So I have been having computer problems. My OS is too old and I cant upgrade it and nothing works on it except what is already installed so I cant upgrade anything. Sucks much. I do however have a netbook as well that allows me to get onto the internet and not have to deal with dial-up (so slow) like on this computer but that computer is just for surfing.

I have to do an illustration for my friend of ninja monkeys. I currently dont have much of an idea to go on so I will have to think on that some more.

Got my plane tickets to LA and ready to go. Now I just have to wait.

Work is going fine and I am chugging along hopefully will get a promotion but we will have to wait and see. Like my job, no suck-i-tude like my last job - totally better.

Enough for now, later
Ain Soph

Its been a while

Been a long time since I posted. I am going to Los Angeles to pitch my book to Hollywood Producers in July. This is really cool. I just have to get over my fear of flying. Hope everyone is doing well. My next book will be out in August, the publisher is running me ragged.

Work is going well. I might get a promotion soon. The Vice President wants to buy a copy of my book and have it autographed.

We are on our way. Ill keep up with Live Journal from now on. I missed it. Later
Ain Soph

New York Times

So my book is going to be featured in the New York Times. I am thrilled what more could I ask for. More detail coming - will try to find out the exact week it will be featured


Ain Soph

Hello World

So my second book has been published. Now all I have to do is sell copies.

I have a new job - it is FABULOUS. I love it. This is much better than my past few jobs. I get to write and bre creative and do art work and do systems analysis. This is ideal. It is the best job I have ever had and even though I have to travel to other countries and stuff I will deal with it because I am just so happy to be here.

I wrote 15 books while I was at my last job and now I have 15 years to publish them all. It was a prolific year 2010 and I am glad that I had the opportunity to work and write. I will not be able to write at my new job but that doesn't matter.

I am thinking about going back to art school and finishing up the 5 or 6 classes I have to graduate. But I think I want to get more time under my belt at work before I commit to that.

My last book called Allegro is about a 15 year old boy who plays the piano and is found to have psychic power. It is funny because it is pretty much an autobiographical story when it comes to studying piano and going to school. I actually had a psychic test when I was about 14 and it found that I had psychic potential. I just played in up in the book. It was wierd writing about my life in the name of a character.

Haven't written anything in a while but thought i'd try. If anyone reads it, I'll do better in keeping up now that I can access the internet not through a dial up line which was killing me. Its all good now.



Ain Soph

Job Seeker

So I have to look for a job in June, my contract is up and I am out the door. I did get a shining letter of recommendation from 2 people.

I started my 12th book - I know crazy right. This is the last book (for now), I am going to prolong this one for the rest of my 5.5 months on the job. This book is going to be about the Packrats origins. I have to set up the background for book 1.

I am okay to look for a job. Hopefully my consulting company will be able to place me when the time comes. I am not looking forward to job hunting, but it is inevitable.

Updated my resume and off to upload resumes all over the place.

Off we go.
Ain Soph

Artists & Writers

So it is time for me to transition 2010 being a writer and move back to being an artist in 2011. I have a few books to do cover art for this go around. I will have to reschedule my weekends to focus on drawing.

The days of being in art school are behind me. I almost graduated but I flipped my car upside down on the way to my finals and never went back, it was too much of a traumatic memory. But I learned everything I wanted to about animating and character design that I met my goal of going to art school in the first place. I would love to finish but the committment is too much now. I think I only have like 6 classes to go to finish.

Anyway, I have a lot of practicing to do. I was able to execute the cover art for the first book and it looks pretty good I have had some good feedback. I want to have a different character on the cover of each of the books. I have the cover to book 2 but I need to do the cover for the Origins book, which is the next one I plan to publish.

I got my software loaded so I can colour the drawings, and I got animation paper and my light box ready to go.

Gearing up, we are ready!


Ain Soph