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on past relationships

I have had relationships in the past, nothing recently. Every relationship i get into just seems to fall apart and become abusive. I don't know how to find a stable, educated person who will not end up being a dick or mean. I mean i am not looking for a relationship. But if i were, i would not know where to start looking. I think i should just give up and call it a day. I dont need a relationship like some people do. I guess i will never understand that.
Ain Soph


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Jun. 5th, 2013 11:05 pm (UTC)
That is so sad to hear! :C
I can totally relate though. The first and last "boyfriend" I had turned out to be a violent, abusive asshole who just used me. Turned out it wasn't much of a realationship to him, just all lies.
The ones I've met/dated after that just took advantage of me. So I've also given up on realationships. I really don't need one either. Not gonna lie though, it would be nice to have a bf/gf, but I don't need it.

Nice to see you back on LJ! I've totally abandoned mine. I'm just on here because of different communitys nowadays.
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