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Artists & Writers

So it is time for me to transition 2010 being a writer and move back to being an artist in 2011. I have a few books to do cover art for this go around. I will have to reschedule my weekends to focus on drawing.

The days of being in art school are behind me. I almost graduated but I flipped my car upside down on the way to my finals and never went back, it was too much of a traumatic memory. But I learned everything I wanted to about animating and character design that I met my goal of going to art school in the first place. I would love to finish but the committment is too much now. I think I only have like 6 classes to go to finish.

Anyway, I have a lot of practicing to do. I was able to execute the cover art for the first book and it looks pretty good I have had some good feedback. I want to have a different character on the cover of each of the books. I have the cover to book 2 but I need to do the cover for the Origins book, which is the next one I plan to publish.

I got my software loaded so I can colour the drawings, and I got animation paper and my light box ready to go.

Gearing up, we are ready!


Ain Soph